About us

The unique models of the Italian brand ISABELGARCIA were created for women who value quality and pay great attention to detail. Exclusive dresses, fashionable suits, jackets and jackets, exquisite skirts and blouses help to create a unique, light and mysterious image of a modern, successful and self-confident girl. More details »


Branded clothing is created from natural fabrics of bright colors, with interesting and unusual prints. The chic models of elegant evening and cocktail dresses, as well as stylish casual wardrobe items that you can buy on the site, will allow you to look stunning at any event.

You can order fashionable clothes from the manufacturer online from any city in Ukraine (Kiev, Kharkov, Odessa, etc.), delivery is free.

A wide range of branded women’s and now men’s clothing

The ISABELGARCIA online store provides a unique opportunity to order and buy online fashionable and sophisticated women’s clothing at retail at the most favorable prices. The cost of each model corresponds to its highest quality and unique design.

The catalog contains light dresses and delicate blouses from the manufacturer, in which every modern girl will look attractive and will be able to create a youth summer look. For women looking for success, career growth and high performance at work, there are stylish business attire in which you will feel even stronger and more confident.

Our online store is a wide selection of branded Italian items from the manufacturer at an affordable price. You can retail for youth womenswear created by a team of creative designers. In it, every girl will have a wonderful appearance and will attract the views of others.

The comfortable fit makes all the models not only beautiful, but also incredibly comfortable. For women at various social events, it is important not only to look spectacular, but also to feel comfortable at the same time. Elegant ISABELGARCIA dresses do not hinder movement and gracefully emphasize the lines of the body.



The best team available

Our team has a combined 60 years experience in the fashion industry so you can trust that you are getting the highest quality service in the market.